– The Fable –

Pray thee, White Walls
hear thismutiny
Say thee, Stone Halls
fear this beauty

In bravery you find your fault
misted eyes veiled your hault
Distanced path
like firm held gaze
Passing through you like blood soaked days
Ticking of staffs, clock hands
count the strides
to the end of the hallowed halls and ancients pride
Wise walls sound off the cadence
Capture your heartbeat and
feed it back
Resilient beyond all sense
Mud caked breath
ushers in the attack
Here, the homestead root,
Bear the weight of this cedar
taste soil under boot
leave broken teeth and severed flesh
and seared heart and heaving chest

Die here, die here
give back earth what earth gave you
Right here, right here
where worthy are the few

Treacherous many accosted your ground
tho high your head is
and surrender unfound
felled only by passion
and fates ugly will
As you swallow in your gut
an iron last meal

Say “These Stone Halls are where I have lived!”

Pray these White Walls, do forgive.


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