– Smile In The Gray –

Serious clouds of storm
And the torrent of lasting smiles
A place you wouldn’t know
Or go to show your masterful plan
Plans to fall away into the heavy gray
Bested at the days-work end
Listing toenails upon the breech

And its rising

Its rising

Here is where you’re finding
Frozen heels and opaque veils
Sails of saints of vindication
And dying sounds of mars

Clamp down your blessed teeth
and grin
Into the wind

Tiny stings, medal shrieks
Of you a smile,
Mother Land beseech

And we’re rising

We’re rising

Above the desolate and praying hands
Barring wet the dripping tongue
Swaying with the swells as melodies sung
Billowing out our chests

Find the feathered light
Within the weathered day
Smile bright
my friends
despite the thrashed and matted gray


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