We are all our own Gods.

Establishment leads your mind to believe otherwise. Business of religion needs you to believe otherwise.
As long as God is above us, not of us, powerful people will continue to use him as a crutch against us.
The folly of religion is in trying to keep minds from wandering. Any true power that earns devotion does so by allowing freedom for its followers. No one trully loved or trusted or pled allegiance to enforced beliefs, to a demand for worship.

I trust me. I believe in me.

My God is Me, for Me is the only God that takes responsibility for what happens in my life, instead of demanding blind faith and understanding if things go awry.

Therefore Me deserves the credit at the end, when everything works out the way I plan.


2 Responses to “•journal•”

  1. tiffanihillin Says:

    yes. i gave up my place to stay tonight most likely when someone mentioned “God” and it being a He…. I told him I’m “tired of God”… am I tired of me? NO. I’m tired of “God” being someone else BUT me… 🙂

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