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We are all our own Gods.

Establishment leads your mind to believe otherwise. Business of religion needs you to believe otherwise.
As long as God is above us, not of us, powerful people will continue to use him as a crutch against us.
The folly of religion is in trying to keep minds from wandering. Any true power that earns devotion does so by allowing freedom for its followers. No one trully loved or trusted or pled allegiance to enforced beliefs, to a demand for worship.

I trust me. I believe in me.

My God is Me, for Me is the only God that takes responsibility for what happens in my life, instead of demanding blind faith and understanding if things go awry.

Therefore Me deserves the credit at the end, when everything works out the way I plan.



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It is time in my life to cease simply existing, and begin doing MORE.

Meeting someone special later in life is like beginning a great novel in the middle of the story; it is intriguing enough to continue to the end, but by the time you get there, you’re going to learn all you can about the first half… Because that is what draws you in to the story and causes you to invest in it. One can not appreciate the end without knowing where it all began.
I love the story: the drama, the heart, the triumph and the pain. These are the things that envelope me in fiction and in fact.

And I finish every story I begin. Some just mean more to me than others.

– Children of Black Cloud –

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Black Cloud, spill your guts
wash out hopes incessant stain

Your children here below lay down to the mercy of your device

A plague unto themselves,
they claim your shelter…
it suffocates

Your children here below in craters dug, filling with your flood

Black Cloud, cast your pallor
light only shapes their defects

Your children face an onslaught they brought upon themselves

They hope this message finds you,
Black Cloud, in good ways
on currents meant for children meant for praise

Your children, though, here below wish to find you nowhere near no more these days.